1. In which stadium was the first Asian Games held in New Delhi?
A. National Stadium
B. Shivaji Stadium
C. Talker
D. Ferozeshah Kotla Ground
Option”A” is correct
2. Which Indian woman won the gold medal for the first time in the 400m race at the Asian Games?
A. Ashi
C. Kamaljit Sandhu
D. Of. Malleshwari
Option”C” is correct
3. Who was the first Indian woman to win gold medal in Asian Games?
A. Kamaljit Sandhu
B. Karnam Malleswari
C. Saina Nehwal
D. Mary Kom
Option”A” is correct
4. When did Davis Cup start?
A. 1877 B.C.
B. 1900 B.C.
C. 1920 B.C.
D. 1921 B.C.
Option”B” is correct
5. In which year did the Ranji Trophy competition start?
A. in 1877
B. in 1932
C. in 1933
D. in 1951
Option”C” is correct
6. What was the mascot of the first Afro-Asian Games?
A. Nandu
B. Veera
C. Hawk
D. Sheru
Option”D” is correct
7. Where was the 2018 FIFA Cup held?
A. Russia
B. Queue
C. France
D. Netherlands
Option”A” is correct
8. Between whom did the first international cricket match take place?
A. Australia and England
B. USA and Canada
C. Australia and USA
D. None of these
Option”A” is correct
9. Which country hosted the FIFA World Cup 2014?
A. Germany
B. France
C. Argentina
D. Brazil
Option”D” is correct
10. When did the Hockey India League start?
A. 2010
B. 2011
C. 2012
D. 2013
Option”D” is correct
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