1. When was the Archaeological Survey of India established?
A. 1861
B. 1865
C. 1869

D. 1870

Option “A” is correct.
2. Who is called the father of Indian archeology?
A. Dayaram Sahni
B. Rakhaldas Bajji
C. Alexander Cunningham

D. Yajnadatta

Option “C” is correct.
3. When was the National Council of Educational Research and Training established?
A. 1865
B. 1870
C. 1875 

D. 1961

Option “D” is correct.
4. Who founded the Asiatic Society?
A. Vankim Chand Chatterjee
B. William Jones
C. Grandfather Brother Narouji

D. A.O. Hume

Option “B” is correct.
5. Which is called the repository of world art collections?
A. National Archives of India
B. National Museum
C. National Gallery of Modern Art

D. Salarjung Museum

Option “D” is correct.
6. To which of the following departments/ministries does the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) have attached offices?
A. Culture
B. Human Resource Development
C. Science and Technology

D. Sightseeing

Option “A” is correct.
7. To which of the following is the Survey of India subordinate?
A. Ministry of Defence
B. Ministry of Environment and Forests
C. Home Ministry

D. Science and Technology

Option “C” is correct.
8. The founder of the Asiatic Society of Bengal was –
A. James II
B. Sir James Macintosh
C. Sir William Jones

D. Warren Hastings

Option “C” is correct.
9. Where is the Indira Gandhi National Human Museum?
A. Guwahati
B. Bastar
C. Bhopal

D. Chennai

Option “C” is correct.
10. Where is the headquarter of Survey of India located?
A. Chandigarh
B. Hyderabad
C. Dehradun

D. New Delhi

Option “C” is correct.
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