Fill in the Blanks : Fill in the Blanks Questions are usually asked in  all competitive exams like  SSC, SBI, IBPS, RBI, LIC, RRB, AAI, DRDO, ISRO, NTR, FSSAI, CWC, LIC, SSC CGL,  and other state government exams.
On this page, we are providing all varieties of Fill in the Blanks Questions along with previous year Fill in the Blanks Questions.

Fill in the Blanks is a very important topic of Verbal section. Phrase Replacement are very easy to solve if one has good practice over it.
We have also provided all different varieties of Fill in the Blanks Questions.

Directions:(1-5) Pick out the most effective word/words from the given word/s to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete in the context of the sentence.

1. I have given myself _______ the end of September to finish my research.

‘Until’ here means up to the time or point.


2. It is _______ that John did not hurt himself when he fell off his motorbike.

Only ‘fortunate’ fits in the blank. Rest of the options will make the sentence grammatically incorrect.


3. You must not look directly at the sun _______ the eclipse.

‘During’ here means throughout the entire time of occurrence.


4. The mist was so thick, it was like walking _______ a cloud.

‘Through’ is used as a function word to indicate movement within a large expanse.


5. I told my friend that he could not catch a big fish _______ a small rod like the one he was carrying, but he insisted _______ trying.

‘With’ here means through the help of. ‘Insisted’ takes the preposition ‘on’ after it.


Directions:(6-10) Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

6. Adding to a growing body of research _______ cutting back on sweetened beverages it is now found that drinking _______ sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure.


Adding’ suggests that the two ideas stated in the sentence will not be contradicting. If the research supports cutting back on sweetened beverages then consuming less quantity of sugary drinks will help lower blood pressure and vice versa. Only option (5) supports this idea and hence is the correct answer.

7. The blame game for the air tragedy is already in full _______ with the authorities involved making attempts to _______ for themselves.

The idiom ‘in full swing’ means at the highest level of activity or operation.’Cover for’ means to conceal someone’s errors.


8. The actress, wearing a dark gray suit and open necked shirt, sat _______ the proceedings looking nervous throughout, occasionally frowning as her lawyer _______ with the judge.

You sit ‘through’ something. Also, a lawyer will speak with a judge and not argue with a judge.


9. It was an excellent social evening with people from all _______ of life getting a chance to let their hair _______.

The idiom ‘to let your hair down’ means to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people will think.


10. There can be no denying the fact that in sports, star coaches have the_______ to get something extra out of their _______.


The second blank will not take ‘member’ or ‘house’. Therefore, options (3) and (4) are negated. Only ‘ability’ fits in the first blank, thereby making option (2) correct.

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