1. Which invention in the field of music is attributed to Amir Khusrau? 1. Sitar 2. Qawwali Singing 3. Raag Khayal 4. Raag Tarana Koot:
A. 2,3,4
B. 1,2,3,4
C. 1,2,3

D. 1,3,4

Option “B” is correct.
2. Musician Tansen was associated with which royal court?
A. Rewa, Gwalior, Mughal
B. Gwalior, Mughal, Malwa
C. Rewa, Mughal, Malwa

D. Rewa, Gwalior, Malwa

Option “A” is correct.
3. Where is Bharatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalaya located?
A. Lucknow
B. Ahmedabad
C. Chandigarh

D. Allahabad

Option “A” is correct.
4. The name of Amir Khusrau is associated with the invention of which musical instrument?
A. Sitar
B. Tabla
C. Clarinet

D. Sarod

Option “A” is correct.
5. For the first time, a detailed discussion has been done on ragas and raganis.
A. In Bharata’s Natyashastra
B. Narad’s music in Makarand
C. In the Brihtdesi of Matang

D. In Sharangdev’s music Ratnakar

Option “B” is correct.
6. The raga sung in the morning is-
A. Todi
B. Courtier
C. Bhopali

D. Bhimpalasi

Option “B” is correct.
7. Where has the theory of classical music been discussed?
A. In the Rigveda
B. in the Atharvaveda
C. Yajurveda

D. Sambed

Option “D” is correct.
8. What has been the field of activity of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi?
A. Material
B. Classical Music
C. Education

D. Journalism

Option “B” is correct.
9. Who among the following is well known in Hindustani classical music?
A. Shobhana Narayan
B. M / s. Subbalakshmi
C. Pandit Yuvraj

D. M / s. gopalakrishnan

Option “B” is correct.
10. The ancient form of Indian vocal music is –
A. Ghazal
B. Dhrupad
C. Thumri

D. None of these

Option “B” is correct.
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