1. Srinivasa was the pen name of which famous author?
b. Kuvempu

Option “A” is correct.
Srinivasa was the pen name of Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. He was a well known writer in Kannada language. He was the fourth among Kannada writers to be honored with the Jnanpith Award.
2. Which among the following place in Karnataka is the present location of capital of Vijayanagar Empire?
a. Hampi
b. Kulyadi
c. Kottigehara
d. Thokur

Option “A” is correct.
Hampi is the capital of Vijayanagar Empire. Other capitals of Vijayanagar were- Anegondi, Benugonda and Chandragiri. Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka state.
3. The most famous dance of Karnataka is __________.
a. Kolattam
b. Kuchupudi
c. Yakshagana
d. Bharatanatyam

Option “C” is correct.
The most famous dance of Karnataka is Yakshagana. Yakshagana is a traditional folk dance form popular in Coastal Karnataka districts. A trip to the coastal belt would be incomplete without watching the Yakshagana – an elaborate dance-drama performance unique to Karnataka.
4. The Supa Dam is located on which river?
b. Krishna
c. Bhavani
d. Periyar

Option “A” is correct.
Supa Dam is a dam that is located in town of Dandeli in Joida Taluk. It was built across the River Kali. This dam has a power house at the foot of this dam with two electric generators.
5. Which is the official language of Karnataka?
a. Tulu
b. Konkani
c. Kodava
d. Kannada

Option “D” is correct.
The official language of Karnataka is Kannada. It is the most widely spoken and official language of the state.
6. Balakrishna Temple built by Krishnadevaraya to commemorate his victory over-
a. Orissa
b. Kerala
c. Goa
d. Bijapur

Option “A” is correct.
One of the important temples built by Krishnadevaraya was the Balakrishna temple. It was built for the image of Balakrishna brought from Orissa. Vittalaswamy and Hazara Ramaswamy temples were also built by Krishnadevaraya.
7. Which one is a west flowing river in Karnataka?

Option “A” is correct.
Varahi River one is a west flowing river in Karnataka. Varahi River originates and flows through Western Ghats in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is also known as Halady or Haladi River in downstream areas.
8. Jog Falls which is one of the highest waterfalls in India, is created by?

Option “A” is correct.
The Jog waterfalls created by the Sharavathi River in sharavathi valley of Shimoga district in Karnataka. It’s a breathtaking spectacle when Sharavathi River is falling from a height of 829 ft.
9. Which is the called as Dakshina Ganga (The Ganga river of the south)?
a. Ghataprabha
b. Godavari
c. Krishna
d. Tungabhadra

Option “B” is correct.
Godavari is known as Dakshin Ganga because Godavari is the largest Peninsular river while Ganga is the largest river in whole India. That’s why it is compared to Ganga and it is in south.
Kaveri is known as Ganga of South India because it’s flow is also like Ganga river and it is also having so many tributaries like Ganga.
10. On which of the following rivers are the Jog Falls (Gerosoppa Falls) situated?
a. Sharavati
b. Kaveri

Option “A” is correct.
Jog Falls is a waterfall on the Sharavati River located in the Western Ghats near Sagar Taluk of Shivamogga District, Karnataka. The Jog Falls are located 18 miles (29 km) upstream from Honavar at the river’s mouth on the Arabian Sea.
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