1. What is the official language of Kerala?
A. Kannada
B. Tamil
C. Malayalam

D. Telugu

Option “C” is correct.
2. The official language of Nagaland is –
A. Cognac Lotha
B. Mizo
C. English

D. English

Option “C” is correct.
3. Which language was given the status of classical language by the Central Government?
A. Gujarati
B. Tamil
C. Marathi

D. Malayalam

Option “B” is correct.
4. When was Hindi declared as the official language (office language)?
A. January 26, 1960
B. January 26, 1962
C. January 26, 1963

D. January 26, 1965

Option “D” is correct.
5. Which language is not listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
A. Urdu
B. Sanskrit
C. English

D. Nepali

Option “C” is correct.
6. Which language belongs to the Austric group?
A. Marathi
B. Ladakhi
C. Cough

D. Tamil

Option “C” is correct.
7. Which of the following Indian languages ​​is not the origin of Dravidian language?
A. Kannada
B. Marathi
C. Malayalam

D. Telugu

Option “B” is correct.
8. Which of the following countries has the maximum number of languages ​​spoken?
A. Britain
B. U.S.A
C. India

D. France

Option “C” is correct.
9. English language was introduced as the medium of instruction in India –
A. Lord Macaulay
B. Lord William Vantic
C. Raza Rammohan Roy

D. Warren Hastings

Option “A” is correct.
10. Where is the Central Institute of Indian Languages ​​located?
A. Hyderabad
B. Varanasi
C. Mysore

D. Ujjain

Option “C” is correct.
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