1. Uber cup is related to which sports?
A. Polo
B. Bridge
C. Badminton
D. Volleyball
Option”C” is correct
2. Wellington Trophy is related to which game?
A. Horse Race
B. Air Race
C. Sailing
D. Motor Race
Option”C” is correct
3. Ezracup is related to which sport?
A. Football
B. Sailing
C. Polo
D. Hockey
Option”C” is correct
4. Konica cup is related to which sports?
A. Badminton
B. Bridge
C. Polo
D. Marksmanship
Option”A” is correct
5. Ryder Cup is related to which sport?
A. Lawn tennis
B. Badminton
C. Cricket
D. Golf
Option”D” is correct
6. Ranji Trophy is related to which sports?
A. Hockey
B. Football
C. Cricket
D. None of the above
Option”C” is correct
7. Which of the following tennis event is not related to Grand Slam-
A. Wimbledon
B. U.S. open
C. French Open
D. Italian open
Option”D” is correct
8. Which is the oldest hockey tournament in India?
A. Weighton cup
B. Dhyan Chand Trophy
C. Aga Khan Cup
D. Ovedulla Gold Cup
Option”A” is correct
9. Which of the following is men’s badminton tournament?
A. David’s Cup
B. Durand Cup
C. Thomas cup
D. Uber Cup
Option”C” is correct
10. Which game is associated with the Indira Gandhi Gold Cup?
A. National Hockey Championship
B. International Hockey Tournament
C. Women’s Badminton Tournament
D. National Golf Championship
Option”B” is correct
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