1. Makkhali’s son Goshal was the founder of which religion?
A. Living Religion
B. Bhagwat Dharma
C. Lingayat Religion

D. Buddhism

Option “A” is correct.
2. The founder of Lingayat religion is considered to be –
A. Angulimal
B. Mercury
C. Undercover

D. Vasava

Option “D” is correct.
3. The sequence is related to –
A. From Sikhism
B. From the religion of Islam
C. From Kabir Panthi

D. Sufically

Option “D” is correct.
4. From which religion did the Sufi sect develop?
A. Hindu religion
B. Islam religion
C. Sikh religion

D. Jainism

Option “B” is correct.
5. The founder of Judaism is considered to be –
A. Prophet Muhammad
B. Prophet Moses
C. Jesus Christ

D. Zarathushtra

Option “B” is correct.
6. Who started the Din-e-Ilahi religion?
A. Babar
B. Humayun
C. Akbar

D. Shah Jahan

Option “C” is correct.
7. Who is called the father of Kirtan tradition?
A. Meera Bai
B. Chaitanya
C. Surdas

D. Saint Dnyaneshwar

Option “B” is correct.
8. Who first propagated Christianity in India?
A. St. Thomas
B. Vasco da Gama
C. Lord Clive

D. Saint Cartier

Option “A” is correct.
9. Zoroastrian religion is –
A. Of the Jews
B. Zoroastrian
C. Of christians

D. Of Shia Muslims

Option “B” is correct.
10. The basic principle of Vaishnavism was –
A. Anthropomorphism
B. Nonviolence
C. Monotheism

D. Bhajan-Kirtan

Option “A” is correct.
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