1. Between which two places did the first STD service start in India?
A. Delhi – Lucknow
B. Delhi – Kanpur
C. Lucknow – Kanpur

D. Kanpur – Ihalabad

Option “C” is correct.
2. First air mail service started in India
A. Between Delhi and Lucknow
B. Between Delhi and Mumbai
C. Between Lucknow – Kanpur

D. Between Allahabad – Naini

Option “D” is correct.
3. The first telegraph service was started in India –
A. Lucknow – Kanpur
B. Central in Mumbai – Thane
C. Between Allahabad – Naini

D. Between Kolkata – Diamond Harbor

Option “D” is correct.
4. Which country has the maximum number of post offices?
A. India
B. Japan
C. China

D. France

Option “A” is correct.
5. Which is the fastest and cheapest means of communication in the whole world?
A. Courier Service
B. Fax
C. E-mail

D. Snail Mail

Option “C” is correct.
6. Which facility is not provided by the post offices of India?
A. Savings Bank
B. Retail Transaction of Mutual Funds
C. Issuance of Demand Draft

D. Life insurance Protection

Option “C” is correct.
7. If the Postal Index Number (PIN) begins with 6, in which state is the post office likely to be located?
A. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka

D. Andra Pradesh

Option “B” is correct.
8. What is the STD code of Mumbai Metropolitan Region?
A. 11
B. 22
C. 33

D. 44

Option “B” is correct.
9. ‘Project Arrow’ is related to the modernization of which of the following?
A. Airport
B. Post Office
C. Road Transport

D. Railway

Option “B” is correct.
10. In which year did the telephone first appear in India?
A. 1951
B. 1981
C. 1851

D. 1861

Option “A” is correct.
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