11. What is the length of the cricket pitch?
A. 22 meters
B. 20.12 m
C. 20 yards
D. 20.12 yards
Option”B” is correct
12. The circumference of the ball used in cricket is-
A. 22.4cm – 22.9cm
B. 21.69cm – 22.4cm
C. 21.71cm – 22.5cm
D. 22.61cm – 23.1cm
Option”A” is correct
13. What is the maximum length of bat allowed in cricket?
A. 32 inch
B. 34 inch
C. 36 inch
D. 38 inch
Option”D” is correct
14. What is the height of the stumps from the ground in cricket?
A. 22 inch
B. 25 inch
C. 27 inch
D. 30 inch
Option”C” is correct
15. The weight of the ball used in cricket is-
A. 159.9 g to 163 g
B. 149.9 g to 153 g
C. 169.9 g to 174 g
D. 139.9 g to 143 g
Option”A” is correct
16. The width of the goal post in football is-
A. 2.66 m
B. 3.66 m
C. 4.26 m
D. 7.32 m
Option”D” is correct
17. What is the width of the goal post in the hockey field?
A. 1.66 meters
B. 2.66 meters
C. 3.66 meters
D. 4.66 meters
Option”C” is correct
18. In badminton, the height of the net from the ground is-
A. 1.50 m
B. 1.55 m
C. 1.59 m
D. 1.65 m
Option”C” is correct
19. The ball used in lawn tennis weighs?
A. 2.40 g to 2.53
B. 24g to 35g
C. 36.5 g to 52.9 g
D. 56.7 g to 58.5 g
Option”D” is correct
20. How many cross lenses are there in the kho kho field?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
Option”D” is correct
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