1. Who is the first Indian woman to reach the final of any Olympic event?
A. Kamaljit Sandhu
B. Mary d’souza
C. Shiney Abraham
D. P.T Usha
Option”A” is correct
2. Who is credited with starting the modern Olympics?
A. Pierre de Coubertin
B. Ernest Curtius
C. Juan Antonio Ceremony
D. Garfield
Option”A” is correct
3. When were the first recorded Olympic Games held?
A. 825 BC
B. 776 BC
C. 320 BC
D. 80 BC
Option”A” is correct
4. Which one of the following statements is correct about the performance of the Indian football team in the Olympic Games?
A. India has never participated in the Olympic football tournament
B. India played only in the first leg
C. India entered only till the quarter finals
D. India entered the semi-finals
Option”A” is correct
5. The word Olympic comes from Olympus which is the name of a-
A. Lake
B. River’s
C. Island’s
D. Mountain
Option”A” is correct
6. In which year did India win the first gold medal in hockey at the Olympic Games?
A. 1916 BC
B. 1928 BC
C. 1932 BC
D. 1948 BC
Option”A” is correct
7. Which of the following sports is not included in the Olympics?
A. Hockey
B. Cricket
C. Swimming
D. Volleyball
Option”A” is correct
8. How many years gap is there between two Summer Olympic games?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6
Option”A” is correct
9. Where are the olympics in 2016?
A. London
B. America
C. Holland
D. Brazil
Option”A” is correct
10. Where will the Olympics be held in 2020?
A. Beijing
B. London
C. Rio de Janeiro
D. Tokyo
Option”A” is correct
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