What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy?

American democracy only works when people are active in the government. Our government has a duty to listen to citizens‘ opinions and take them seriously. Voting is one of the best ways for citizens to participate in their democracy. But it is not the only way. We can also call or write letters to government representatives. We can ask questions about the government or share our opinion. We can join a civic group, a community group, or help with an election campaign. We can write a letter to a newspaper. Sometimes the newspaper will print the letter for everyone to read. Or, we can choose to run for office.

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Question Asked in Exam :

Name two ways that u.s. citizens can participate in their democracy

Correct answers (choose two):

  • vote
  • join a political party
  • help with a campaign
  • join a civic group
  • join a community group
  • give an elected official your opinion on an issue
  • call Senators and Representatives
  • publicly support or oppose an issue or policy
  • run for office
  • write to a newspaper
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