SAT Cutoff for US universities ranges from a score scale of 1200-1350. SAT Score is one of the major criteria for shortlisting candidates for university admission. Thus, a candidates willing to enroll themselves must aim for a SAT score that is 1500-1600. The SAT score for top US universities have a high score range. Apart from SAT scores, universities also consider other variables such as; athletics & arts, service & social justice, essays & personal statements. An appropriate SAT score portrays that the candidate can live upto the accuracy of school scholastic. Generally top colleges have a high SAT exam cutoff scores.

What is an Appropriate SAT Cutoff?

SAT cutoff is remarked a score range that decides whether a candidate is eligible to enroll themselves in a particular university. The minimum passing SAT scores as defined by the college board is 400. However, there is not any defined SAT cutoff for admission or scholarship. Moreover SAT cutoff varies based on the college and course a test taker wants to take.

However, each institution, college, or business school has a common SAT exam cutoff for the applicants. Work hard enough to get the minimal 1200-1350 SAT cutoff if a candidate wishes to enrol in the entry-level UG institutions. This will assist candidates in achieving SAT scores in the 75th to 90th percentiles, which are scores above 75% to 90% of students, respectively.

What do SAT Scores Provide?

With good SAT scores candidates can apply for SAT scholarship. There are numerous scholarships out there that are exclusively founded on SAT scores. There are some SAT accepting colleges in the USA that provide automatic scholarships on the basis of SAT Scores. Additionally, academic performances like a solid GPA and exceptional academic record are add on perks.

Section wise Good SAT Score

It is complicated to define what is a good SAT score, as it varies from college to college. Mentioned below is prediction of section wise SAT scores as presented by the College Board:

Section Average Score for Acceptance
Composite Score (Without Essay) Above 1400
Maths Above 530
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section Above 500

Candidates willing to enrol in top universities globally are required to have at least a 1200 composite score in SAT. The top US universities like Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, University of Pennsylvania accept a SAT score of 1500. Moreover, scoring above 680 in Maths while scoring above 600 in the reading and writing section. Candidates should take note that a decent SAT score doesn’t ensure confirmation at a college. They should have a decent academic foundation and meet the course-specific necessities of the college to be considered for admission.

SAT Cutoff for US Universities

There is no official SAT cut off for Harvard, they really want to spot at least 1460 to have a chance at being acknowledged. The modified 25th percentile Harvard SAT cutoff score is 1460. Moreover, the 75th percentile Harvard SAT score is 1580. To put it another way, 1460 brings you below average, while 1580 will move you up to above average.

The MIT school is extremely selective. The average SAT score combined at MIT is 1535 out of 1600. The 25th percentile new MIT SAT score is 1500, and the 75th percentile New SAT score is 1570. In other words, 1500 on the New SAT places you below average, while 1570 will move you up to above average. The below-mentioned table provides SAT cutoff for US universities.

Universities Ranking (U.S. News) SAT Score Cutoff for US Universities (Average)
Princeton 1 1505-1570
Harvard 2 1470
Columbia 3 1505
MIT 4 1500-1570
Yale 4 EBRW: 720-770 Math: 740-790
Stanford 6 1505
UChicago 6 1510-1560
Penn 8 1470-1550
Caltech 9 1545
John Hopkins 9 1450
Northwestern 9 1490
Duke 12 1450
Dartmouth 13 1500
Brown 14 1420
Vanderbilt 14 1505
Rice 16 1470-1570
WUSTL 16 1520
Cornell 18 1480
Notre Dame 19 1475
UCLA 20 1500
emory 21 1435
UC Berkeley 22 1330-1530
Georgetown 23 1380-1550
University of Michigan 24 1435
USC 24 1440

The composite scale and segments covered on the new SAT score pattern varies widely. The redesigned SAT puts more of an emphasis on the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to succeed in college. According to the SAT college criteria for 2022, an applicant must score in the 75th percentile to be accepted into a highly selective university. Table mentioned below portrays percentile and average SAT score for US universities:

School 25th Percentile SAT Score 75th Percentile SAT Score Average SAT Score
Princeton 1460 1570 1510
Harvard 1460 1570 1510
Columbia 1450 1570 1510
MIT 1510 1570 1540
Yale 1460 1570 1515
Stanford 1440 1570 1500
Chicago 1500 1570 1530
Penn 1450 1560 1500
Caltech 1530 1560 1540
Johns hopkins 1470 1570 1520
Northwestern 1440 1550 1490
Duke 1480 1570 1520
Dartmouth 1440 1560 1500
Brown 1440 1570 1500
Vanderbilt 1460 1560 1510
Rice 1470 1570 1520
WUSTL 1480 1560 1520
Cornell 1400 1560 1480
Notre Dame 1400 1550 1470
UCLA 1280 1530 1400
Emory 1360 1530 1440
UC Berkeley 1310 1530 1420
Georgetown 1380 1550 1460
University of Michigan 1340 1530 1430
USC 1360 1530 1440
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