“How to prepare for SAT exam?” is one of the most common questions students ask. SAT exam preparation can be done in two different ways: self-study and coaching sessions. Both solutions are excellent with tangible benefits, and have particular advantages of their own. Students preparing for the SAT independently can use SAT exam preparation books to learn tips and tricks. Some of the best SAT exam preparation books are Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022, Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition, and The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, 2020 Edition. Students planning to take courses for SAT can enroll in the best SAT preparation classes.

SAT Preparation Subjectwise

SAT exam preparation needs to be started by thoroughly knowing the sections. Students can enroll in SATs classes, SAT exam coaching, or self-preparation to prepare for SAT. You need to customize the best SAT test prep program that suits you. There are numerous SAT coaching near me that provided the best SAT exam preparation. Also, there are various SAT prep courses that you can select from as per your requirements. Few strategies that can help you ace the SAT syllabus is as follows:

SAT Preparation for Reading

Candidates can understand the question type from SAT previous year’s question papers. The following preparation tips for SAT Reading prep will help you:

  • Try and improve your reading skills by reading more popular American passages during SAT prep courses
  • Read newspapers, novels, magazines, and more during SAT test prep to enhance your SAT reading skills
  • Make sure you have a strong SAT vocabulary and know how to use English words and phrases when taking SAT English preparation
  • During SAT practice test, focus on eliminating three wrong answer choices
  • Don’t place your own opinions when answering the SAT reading practice questions
  • Get yourself interested in the passage even if you don’t like it during SAT test prep
  • The best way to prepare for SAT EBRW is always to start with the easiest passages
  • For SAT subject test prep focus on every minute mistake, you make and try to recorrect them
  • During SAT reading practice, prioritize answering correctly than answering all questions. Many candidates rush during the reading test to answer all questions and make incorrect guesses.
  • Make reading from extensive sources a habit while you solve SAT exam sample paper
  • Solve each type of reading question types when answering SAT question paper

SAT Preparation for Writing And Language

SAT Language and Writing tests can be difficult for non-English speaking candidates. SAT language and writing preparation require more time since it is a language test. Ans this is why it is very important to study at the best coaching for SAT. Khan Academy SAT prep is considered one of the best SAT coachings. SAT preparation tips that you can follow for this section is given below:

  • Make a strong SAT vocabulary as test-takers may be asked to choose words or phrases that express a specific idea
  • Practice grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction as SAT writing and language tests standard convention of English
  • Try to make a logical relationship between ideas, including Reinforcement, Contract, Cause-and-effect, and Sequence while writing
  • Make correct use of grammar rules to answer the SAT exam papers
  • Practice reading the passage first in case of paragraph questions during SAT prep classes
  • You will find two correct answers during SAT mock test online, in that case, pick the precise one
  • Practice questions having the word ‘being’ in SAT exam preparation classes. The word often leads to wrong answers
  • Carry out the process of elimination to rule out the wrong answers. Practice this method whole solving SAT mock test as well
  • The best SAT prep courses teach candidates to not hurry while answering questions. Practice maintaining steady speed when solving SAT previous year papers
  • Every word needs to make sense when put in context
  • Watch out for dangling modifiers during SAT English preparation
  • SAT writing and language practice tests enhance your writing skills

SAT Preparation for Math

SAT Math sections are designed to test students’ ability to solve mathematical problems, reason quantitatively, and interpret data that is presented in graphs and tables. SAT math prep is a tricky area that needs the proper guidance. SAT prep classes for maths can ace your practice and help you score high. Refer to Khan academy SAT prep online for extra material for your SAT math prep. Following are SAT preparation tips for the Math section:

  • Take an SAT practice test to know the areas you need to learn for taking SAT Math exam
  • Emphasis on problem-solving, modeling, using tools strategically, and using algebraic structure during SAT math prep.
  • Have a clear understanding of mathematical concepts and how they should be applied in the real world.
  • Practice as many SAT Math practice tests as possible and build a good grasp of the different math concepts, operations, and relations.
  • Since the SAT Math Test allows the use of a calculator, candidates must learn how and when to use it
  • Try to perform basic calculations during SAT Math prep
  • Speed up when answering SAT math prep questions
  • Underline the parts of the question you need to solve when solving SAT questions
  • Focus on your weak points and solve SAT exam sample paper based on that
  • Always show the method of answering during your SAT Math practice

SAT Preparation for Physics & Chemistry

The syllabus of SAT Physics and chemistry are interrelated. SAT study guide helps to understand this complicated section of SAT. Here are few tips that you can follow while your SAT preparation:

  • Get good at spatial thinking:  It will help you to solve the problems by drawing free body diagrams from scratch.
  • Understand linear, inverse, and quadratic relationships: Every problem in physics depends on the formula. So learn the formulas to solve the questions in a quick go. Also, it would be difficult to memorize all the formulas, in that you can inter-relate. This way it would be easier to memorize.

  • Brush up on your chemistry: Physics and chemistry are interrelated. Both have the same topics like laws of motion and energy, laws of electricity, and magnetism, sound waves, and optics.

    However, there are a few topics that your physics class may not cover. As you have them in your SAT chemistry syllabus. Chapters like heat transfer, radioactive decay, and subatomic particles. The SAT puts these topics in both Physics and Chemistry, so prepare well.

  • Rigorous Practice: You need to go through the SAT Physics test questions to get good scores. The college board sat prep provides SAT chemistry test paper for easy asses. Study for the SAT with regular mock tests.

SAT Preparation for History

SAT History comprises passages one from a classic or contemporary work of U.S. or world literature. SAT History will test your analytical ability to examine hypotheses, interpret data, and consider the implications of the given information. Here are a few tips that you can follow to read arguments, speeches, or explanations of studies and experiments in passages:

  • Enhance your time management skills: Read the blurb at the beginning of every passage. It usually gives the passage title, author’s name, and perhaps the study or work of literature it was taken from. Read the questions before the passage. This will help you get the potential answers.
  • Practice Active Reading: Try to learn to skim, and not re-read. By picking up on the general idea of each portion of the passage rather than simply re-reading it, you’ll save yourself time, allowing yourself to read the crucial bits more carefully.

  • Rigorous Practice: You need to go through the SAT history test questions to enhance your SAT scores. This will also help you to know your strengths and weaknesses.

How Long Does it Take to Prepare for SAT?

A candidate generally devotes 10 to 20 hours of study per week for SAT preparation depending on their goals. If the performance level is good then the number of hours required will be less. If the candidate is weak in some areas then it may take them some more hours to prepare. The best way to prepare for SAT is to practice previous year’s SAT exam papers for a better score.

SAT Study Plan 2023

Students often ask, “How to prepare for SAT exam?”. The answer to the question is to make a study plan and follow it daily. The best way to study for SAT is to make your Study plan. Studying for the SAT exam preparation can be both frustrating and difficult, not to mention boring. Thankfully, an SAT study guide can make your SAT test prep more efficient and effective.Students often ask, “When to start preparing for SAT?”. SAT Preparation Time usually varies depending on the performance level of the candidate but student should start their preparation atleast three months before the exam. Here is a 3 months SAT study guide for preparation for you:

3 Month SAT Study Plan SAT Math SAT EBRW
Week 1 Math

  • Try to cover topics from -Algebra, equations, and inequalities topic.
  • Practice at least 20 sums

  • Read the sample reading comprehension passages.
  • Practice answering from Verbal Sample Paper.
Week 2 Math

  • Solve Trigonometry problems
  • Practice 10 random practice questions

  • Read vocabulary for 10 – 15 minutes from flashcards
  • Practice Punctuations.
  • Practice one writing passage
Week 3
  • Learn time management
  • Practice your first full-length practice test.
  • Assess your weakness.
  • Cover your weak points and cover them from the study materials.
Week 4 Maths

  • First, get through the coordinate geometry
  • Do 15 random practice questions

  • Read three medium-length passages
  • Practice answering the questions
Week 5 Maths

  • Learn Distance between two points problems
  • You can watch videos regarding these lessons
  • Practice random questions from maths and verbal sections
Week 6 Maths

  • Revise the entire geometry lesson
  • Do 20 random practice questions

  • 22 writing questions
  • 20-24 Reading questions
Week 7 Maths

  • Linear Equations and linear inequalities
  • Practice 15 random sums

  • Read and practice Detail and Inference questions
  • Develop your writing skills
Week 8 Maths

  • Learn rates, ratios, proportions
  • Go through the youtube videos to get the concepts
SAT Essay

  • organization/Development/Effective Language use
Week 9
  • Take a full-length practice test
  • Revise and cover the weak areas

  • Connections and vocab-in-context questions
Week 10 Maths

  • Functions, Trigonometry
  • Practice 15 sums

  • Practice Sentence structure and punctuations


  • Synthesis questions
Week 11
  • Time for another practice test
  • Go through the weak points and cover them.
  • Review the SAT Essay
Week 12
  • Take 1-2 days off, rest a bit.
  • Take one last practice test.
  • Calculate the SAT score and the difference between the target score
  • Revise
  • Have confidence
  • Rest before the exam day

SAT Preparation Tips

When you create your SAT Practice schedule, you need to keep in mind the following tips on how to study and manage your time:

  1. Identify Your Skills: You should take a full-length mock test to identify your strengths and weaknesses at the start of your preparation. This can help a lot of skills to learn, you might want to start studying earlier than you’d planned. Regular SAT test online will lead you to your dream SAT score.
  2. Take Full Practice Tests. Take one fully-timed practice test during the preparation of your SAT study schedule, and one toward the end. Taking a full-length practice test provides a realistic sense of how long the test is and how much are you prepared. SAT coaching center can help with full length mock tests.
  3. Familiarize yourself Question Pattern: The sequence of the sections and the directions for each section will be the same for every SAT. The time that you spend trying to understand the instructions on Test Day is time wasted. Try to prepare yourself with the question pattern beforehand.
  4. Study outside the box: Add your SAT test prep with some general skill-building. You can seek help from Princeton review SAT prep. Try to read and summarize long articles and scientific studies to prepare for the SAT Reading Test. Also, read editorial articles or essays and pay attention to how the writer constructs his or her argument to prepare for the optional essay.
  5. Take Rest the Night Before the Test: It is important to take proper sleep the night before your SAT test. So that when you wake up in a fresh mind for the test. Studying at the last minute can give you stress, lower your confidence.
  6. Get Ready for the Test Day: Don’t forget to organize your supplies in advances such as No. 2 pencils and a calculator to take the test. And the most important thing is your ID and a printed copy of your SAT test registration or else you will not be allowed into the test room.

Best Books for SAT Preparation

Best SAT test prep can be ensured with the help of the SAT Preparation Books that can ace your practice further. Few books for the subject test build concepts of SAT English preparation, Math, Science, History, and Language with their sub-areas, resulting in 20 SAT subject tests preparation. Here is a list of the SAT exam preparation books free download:

  1. Kaplan SAT Prep Plus 2022- Check PDF
  2. Barron’s SAT, 29th Edition – Check PDF
  3. The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, 2020 Edition – Check PDF
  4. The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide(2006) – Check PDF
  5. Kalli’s SAT Pattern Strategy – Check PDF

SAT Prep Websites

Few websites work as SAT prep tutors and provide online SAT prep courses. These SAT test prep classes help candidates by providing numerous SAT mock tests online, study notes, books, one-to-one coaching, problem-solving classes, and certified trainers. A few of the best SAT preparation classes are given below:

  • Khan Academy
  • The Princeton Review
  • PrepScholar
  • ePrep
  • CollegeVine
  • Magoosh
  • Kaplan
  • Private Prep

SAT Preparation Apps

Candidates can also study for SAT from apps while they are on the go. SAT preparation apps offer candidates numerous SAT exam sample papers, proper explanation of concepts, proper distribution of topics, and also good user experience. Below are a few of the best SAT preparation apps:

  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy SAT prep is one of the best apps for SAT exam preparation. Khan Academy SAT coaching has partnered with College Board and offers authentic SAT past papers.
  • SAT PrepPractice Tests and Flashcards: Great app for students aiming to achieve a good SAT score. This is famous for its user interface and flexibility. Also, get an official SAT study guide 2022 edition for further practice.
  • SAT Exam Prep and Practice: This app is famous for its developed quality SAT exam papers. Preparing with this app is an additional benefit along with SAT coaching.
  • SAT Genius: This is a helpful app for SAT Math practice.
  • Ready4 SAT: It offers a customized SAT study guide, SAT question paper with answer explanation, analytics to track SAT test prep, and more.
  • SAT Up: It offers thousands of SAT sample questions. It also contains 1000+ SAT vocabulary. This app is also suggested by many SAT coaching classes.
  • SAT Pocket Prep: This is a helpful and interesting SAT preparation app. It includes detailed descriptions of concepts as well as interesting activities like a countdown to the exam, historic score analysis, the question of the day, study reminders, automatic test saving, and more. It is suitable for both Android and iOS devices.

SAT Practice Papers

SAT Practice Papers provide candidates with a wide range of SAT questions papers along with different difficulty levels. Authentic test materials like SAT sample paper PDF offer the best experience since it consists of every type of question. It contains SAT previous year question paper for practice.


SAT Reading

SAT Writing and Language Practice paper

SAT Physics and Chemistry Practice Paper

SAT History Practice Paper

Students should SAT exam preparation three months before the exam. Students should practice questions, and take mock test to clear SAT cutoff for top US universities.

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