21. Devdas Banjare was associated with which field?
A. Pandwani
B. Panthi Dance
C. Dhankul

D. Dhokra Dance

Option “B” is correct.
22. What is the name of the famous dance of Shekhawati?
A. Ghumar
B. Jackal
C. Ther

D. Teraptanli

Option “B” is correct.
23. To which professional caste do the dance dramas ‘Surdas’ and ‘Shankaria’ belong?
A. Container
B. Bhand
C. The Nut

D. Bhawai

Option “D” is correct.
24. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched
A. Nakal-Bihar
B. Tamasha – Odisha
C. Ankiyanat-Assam

D. Instrument-Punjab

Option “C” is correct.
25. Consider the following statements about Chakkarkuthu dance- 1. It is performed by the Chakyar caste. 2. Traditionally it is not seen in upper caste Hindus. 3. Miyaw is a musical instrument. 4. Its theatrical form is Kathambalam. Which of these statements is correct?
A. 1,3 and 4
B. 1,2 and 3
C. 2,3 and 4

D. 1,2

Option “A” is correct.
26. Match List-I with List-II : List-I (Folk songs) A. Birha B. Rasiya C. Alha D. Kajri List-II (Areas) 1. Brajbhoomi 2. Bundelkhand 3. Purvanchal 4. Awadh
A. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
B. A → 4, B → 3, C → 1, D → 2
C. A → 3, B → 1, C → 2, D → 4

D. A → 2, B → 4, C → 1, D → 3

Option “C” is correct.
27. Which of the following folk dance is associated with Rajasthan?
A. Rauf
B. Jhora
C. Process

D. Suisini

Option “D” is correct.
28. Which of the following folk dance is related to Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Jhor
B. Process
C. Rauf

D. Suicini

Option “C” is correct.
29. Which of the following folk/tribal dance is associated with Uttar Pradesh?
A. Process
B. Jhora
C. Pageant

D. Rauf

Option “B” is correct.
30. The folk dance of Meghalaya is –
A. Nati
B. Loho ya laho
C. Bamboo Dance

D. Khantum

Option “B” is correct.
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