31. The famous Charkula dance is related to?
A. From Awadh
B. From Bundelkhand
C. From Brajbhoomi

D. From Rohilkhand

Option “C” is correct.
32. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
A. Allah-Mahoba
B. Rosacea
C. Kajri-Mirzapur

D. Birha-Kanauj

Option “D” is correct.
33. Congratulations-
A. Dance of Bundelkhand
B. dance of Malwa
C. A festival celebrated in Bhopal on the second day of Diwali

D. Folk Music of Bundelkhand

Option “A” is correct.
34. Tamasha is a famous folk form of musical drama and it is related to –
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Punjab
C. Maharashtra

D. Bihar

Option “C” is correct.
35. Tell which folk music is not related to the given places?
A. Kajri-Varanasi
B. Birha – Kanpur
C. Holi – Brij

D. Nautanki – Hathras

Option “B” is correct.
36. Which one of the following dances is not correctly matched?
A. Karma-Mahoba
B. Dhuria – Bundelkhand
C. Fish – Kahar

D. Natwari – Purvanchal

Option “A” is correct.
37. Karagam religious folk dance is related to?
A. Kerala
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Karnataka

Option “B” is correct.
38. Folk dance Rahula is associated with which one of the following regions of Uttar Pradesh?
A. Eastern Area
B. Western Region
C. Central Region

D. Bundelkhand Region

Option “D” is correct.
39. Which one of the folk dances of the Garhwal region is performed when a newly married girl visits her maternal home for the first time?
A. Chaufula
B. Wakeup
C. Jhumaila

D. Torso

Option “C” is correct.
40. On which festival Dandari dance is organized in Bastar?
A. The village
B. Holi
C. Nawakhani

D. Diwali

Option “B” is correct.
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