1. The detective left no stone unturned to trace the culprit.

Option “D” is correct.
left no stone unturned: try every possible course of action in order to achieve something.

2. The authorities took him to task for his negligence.

Option “D” is correct.
took him to task: to criticize someone.

3. In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants, the Government has decided not to give in.

Option “B” is correct.
give in: to finally agree to what someone wants, after refusing for a period of time.

4. Their business is now on its last legs.

Option “B” is correct.
on its last legs: near the end of life, usefulness, or existence.

5. He went back on his promise to vote for me.

Option “A” is correct.
went back on: to fail to keep a promise, or to change a decision or agreement.

6. By the skin of one’s teeth

Option “D” is correct.
Meaning: barely manage to do something; narrowly succeed in doing something; manage to do something by the smallest margin.

7. Harp on

Option “D” is correct.
Harp on: to keep talking or complaining about someone or something.

8. To be at daggers drawn

Option “D” is correct.
To be at daggers drawn : in a state of extreme unfriendliness.

9. To get into hot waters

Option “D” is correct.
To get into hot waters: to be in or get into a difficult situation.

10. A fair crack of the whip

Option “C” is correct.
A fair crack of the whip: an equal chance to do something.

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