1. What is the nickname of Rahul Dravid, the pillar of Indian cricket?
A. Mr Reliable
B. The Wall
C. Jamie
D. All of these
Option”D” is correct
2. What is the nickname of spin bowler Anil Kumble, who took the most wickets in Test cricket and ODIs from India?
A. Jamie
B. Jimmy
C. Jumbo
D. Images
Option”C” is correct
3. The nickname of Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, who won India’s silver medal in the double trap shooting event at the Athens Olympics, is-
A. Guga
B. Sherry
C. Chile
D. Minto
Option”C” is correct
4. Who is known as Turbinator?
A. Anil Kumble
B. Murali Karthik
C. Harbhajan Singh
D. Shane Warne
Option”C” is correct
5. Who is known as Torpedo?
A. Graham Thorpe
B. Ian Thorpe
C. Alexander Popov
D. Jan Parkis
Option”B” is correct
6. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the Lists : List-I A. Shoyab Akhtar B. Javagal Srinath C. Paes and Bhupathi D. Syed Oita List-II 1. Mysore Express 2. Indian Express 3. Marrakesh Express 4. Rawalpindi Express-
A. A → 1, B → 2, C → 3, D → 4
B. A → 2, B → 1, C → 3, D → 4
C. A → 3, B → 4, C → 1, D → 2
D. A → 4, B → 1, C → 2, D → 3
Option”D” is correct
7. Who is known as the king of Pole vault?
A. Sergei Buvka
B. Enma George
C. Grigory Yegorov
D. Ryan Botha
Option”A” is correct
8. Who is called Flying Sikh of India?
A. Mohinder Singh
B. Ajit Pal Singh
C. Joginder Singh
D. Milkha Singh
Option”D” is correct
9. Which player is nicknamed Dennis the Monos?
A. Andre Agassi
B. Jim Courier
C. Pete Sampras
D. John McEnroe
Option”A” is correct
10. Which of the following has become famous as Haryana Hurricane?
A. Ajay Rats
B. Nawab Pataudi
C. Kapil Dev
D. Ajay Jadeja
Option”C” is correct
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