11. Which of the following players is known as the Wizard of hockey?
A. Aslam Sher Khan
B. Major Dhyanchand
C. Balveer Singh
D. Roop Singh
Option”B” is correct
12. Who is known as ‘Dada’?
A. Major Dhyanchand
B. Roop singh
C. K D Singh
D. Udham Singh
Option”A” is correct
13. Who is known as Black Pearl in football?
A. Digie Maradona
B. Pele
C. Lothar Matthaus
D. Rud Gullit
Option”B” is correct
14. Who is known as Golden Girl and Udanpari?
A. P T Usha
B. Shayani Abraham
C. Sita 
D. Sunita Rani
Option”A” is correct
15. Who is called Rawal Pindi Express?
A. Rahul Dravid
B. Imran Khan
C. Sachin Tendulkar
D. Shoaib Akhtar
Option”D” is correct
16. Who is Known as Hollywood among cricket players?
A. Jacques Kallis
B. Lance Klusner
C. Shane Warne
D. Wasim Akram
Option”C” is correct
17. Which umpire of international cricket is known as the Great Delayer?
A. Dickie Bird
B. David Shepherd
C. Lan Robbins
D. Steve Buckner
Option”D” is correct
18. Who goes by the name of Dancing Umpire?
A. Billy Bowden
B. Dickie Bird
C. Peter Willey
D. Steve Buckner
Option”A” is correct
19. Bombay Bomber is the nickname of which international cricketer?
A. Rahul Dravid
B. Sachin Tendulkar
C. Vinod Kambli
D. Saurabh Ganguly
Option”B” is correct
20. Which Indian cricketer is known as Little Master?
A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Vinod Kambli
C. Sunil Gavaskar
D. Mohinder Amarnath
Option”C” is correct
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